2016 Updates:

Reynolds Urban Design continues to successfully collaborate with clients to bring high quality, cost effective and innovative design to major projects including:

  • Des Moines’ riverfront Bridge District, The Banks neighborhood, Bridges Park and “Bridges” public art + environment (under construction)
  • Mixed-use urban design and public art concepts for downtown Des Moines’ former YMCA site
  • Bondurant’s “Porch Swings and Fireflies” public art + environment (under construction)
  • Adaptive reuse of Fort Des Moines’ barracks into a multi-family neighborhood featuring sustainable site development strategies (under construction)

In addition, Dennis Reynolds opened the annual Central States ASLA conference in Little Rock, Arkansas with a well received, interactive presentation titled “Discovering Design Processes with Mr. Cotton” (our Australian Border Collie).


Reynolds Urban Design provides hands on planning and design services that are innovative and responsive to each client’s unique project facts, needs and goals.

Driven by the desire to efficiently provide personal, senior level expertise without the burden of large firm structures and overhead, Dennis Reynolds brings his 30 years of award winning national and international experience and skills to each client.